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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to care for and improve the land through a natural, holistically managed agricultural system in order to produce genuinely wholesome food for our local community.

We strive to manage our farm for optimum production by modeling it after a natural ecosystem. A natural ecosystem supports many diverse species of plants and animals within the same space. Each species has its own niche or purpose that supports other species, contributing to the health of the overall system and making it, along with the individual, stronger. 

Our focus is first on the soil. Within a single handful of healthy soil are billions of living organisms, bacteria, fungi, insects, worms, etc. These tiny organisms break down organic matter and minerals, making them bio-available to plant life. The soil, in effect, is the plant's digestive system. Therefore, we strive to put nothing on our soils that would harm these lifeforms in any way, and do not subscribe to the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticidesWe believe every living thing was created for a specific purpose, and therefore, an unnatural level of "pests" are an indication of an unnatural imbalance within the ecosystem. If we encounter problems with "weeds" or "pests", we attempt to identify the root of the problem and address it with a holistic and natural solution, rather than just treating the symptom.
With healthy soil, we are able to grow healthy plants. Through the natural application of animal manures, compost, and, if needed, balanced supplements such as kelp/seaweed and minerals, we strive to make sure plants have access to all the elements they need to be healthy and strong instead of just focusing on the few that make them grow big. We do not grow any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). We believe that plants and animals were created to reproduce after their own kind and it is not healthy to use, for example, the genes of a fish in a soybean in order to make the bean able to survive in an unhealthy and unnatural environment. We believe these plants, while able to grow, are not as healthy as the real thing, while our natural, healthy plants give our animals, and ourselves, a great supply of nutrient dense food. 

Our animals are all raised outside, on pasture, in the sunshine and fresh air. They are

moved frequently to fresh, clean areas giving them access to fresh grass, clover, and other plants and soil life. They are not given regular antibiotics, chemicals, or vaccines and are fed only a species-appropriate diet. We believe each creature should be respected as a an integral part of Creation. We believe that to respect an animal is to allow that animal, as much as possible, to express its purpose within Creation, ie. chickens need to scratch, cows need grass, pigs need to wallow and all animals need space and exercise. Allowing our animals to express their purpose, makes them happier, and happier animals, just like us, are healthier animals, as stress hormone production is limited, immune response is elevated and they are free to act and eat in a more natural way.

All by-products from our food production are either naturally applied back to our pastures or composted and then spread back on the land. This feeds the soil, replacing the nutrients used to produce the food, and starts the process all over again.

Our Promise

We hope you believe that it is important to know where your food comes from and how it was raised. We believe you should know and trust your farmer as much as you do your doctor; just as your doctor prescribes drugs to put in your body when you are sick, your farmer is putting good nutritious food in your body everyday so you won't become sick!

On our farm:
  • Our pastures and food production areas are free of synthetic fertilizer and chemical pesticides/herbicides.
  • Our animal feeds do not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).
  • Our animals are treated humanely and are respected for their designed purpose in Creation. They have access to clean water, fresh air, sunshine, lush pasture, and room to move.
  • Our animals are not given antibiotics or vaccines.
  • Our inputs are kept as low as possible by using sustainable farming techniques designed to improve the land.
  • Our process is NOT certified by any third-party. We feel  certification, while adding to the cost of production, would not do justice to our products as we intend to exceed their standards. More important to us is developing a trusting relationship with our customers, making them completely familiar with where their food comes from and how it was raised.
  • Our customers are always welcome to make an appointment to visit the farm, look around, and ask questions.
  • We will never sell you anything we would not feed to our own family!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to set up an appointment to come see us!

Thank you,

Brian, Danielle, Luree, and John


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