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Other Poultry

We also raise Heritage Breed ducks, geese, and turkeys on the farm. They are all raised in the same way as our chickens (a few weeks in the brooder, then to a Broiler House on pasture) from the time they hatch. Once they are big enough to take care of themselves, we continue to give them a tiny amount of our chicken feed (No-SoyNon-GMO feed mixed here on the farm) to keep them around, but they are able to range more freely around the farm.

They are also carefully slaughtered and processed by hand here on the farm to ensure the utmost quality product.

We plan to have the turkeys available on the farm during the month of November. As harvest time approaches, we will set days for the turkeys to be harvested and picked up. Prior arrangements need to be made if you are unable to pick-up on your assigned day as all birds are sold fresh, not frozen.